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My adventure in London started on May 26th 2005. In the early days I did all sorts of jobs, but after two years I decided it was time to start my own business. The fundamental motive that pushed me to do this was to help my son realise his dream in the music industry. As my main strength was always cooking, I developed the idea of running my own catering service. From this Mamma Paola's Italian Food was born.

Initially I worked on my own to develop the business. Although I had never spoken English in my life, I managed to make flyers advertising my weekly menu and distributed them to office environment.

My first customer was the Arabic TV channel Al - Jazeera. After seeing my menu, many of the office staff ordered various dishes. The response was very positive and further orders were submitted on a regular basis.

It seems that it was God's will that my flyer should land in the hands of Italian publisher Claudio Lavanga. From here, my business grew at a quick rate and others began to show interest, which lead to my whole family getting involved in the operation.

During these times there were highs and lows but we pushed forward to reach our goal. Now Mamma Paola Italian Food has come back to where it started with me operating solo, giving a new face to the business.

Mamma Paola will bring her delacasies to your home and cater for your party or event.









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