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Mamma Paola's ravioli and tortellini are so good! My worst day of the week is now a Friday when Mamma Paola's delicious Italian food is not a lunch option.

- Charlie

Paola is an amazing person. She brings delicious food every day. It's always fresh, the portions are big and it tastes very nice. I would definitely recommend her.

- Ersilia

Freshly cooked, lovely tasty meals. Like having the best Italian mother cooking in your own kitchen using the authentic ingredients, skill and love of food.

- Freda

Real homemade food, healthy, tasty, reasonable portions, different options; she always includes a vegetarian option. She is open to suggestions. Mamma Paola as a person is lovely, friendly and kind.


I am a person who barely eats meat. I suggested to Mamma Paola to bring some veggie dishes and her response was: I can cook any dish you would like me to cook. I suggested Melanzane a la Parmigiana and next day, there I was, with delicious melanzane for lunch. You've got to love Mamma Paola!


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